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Why you should be consuming activated charcoal before bed

As activated charcoal makes a name for itself in the health and wellness space, you may be unsure about when and how to incorporate it into your day. I personally do not like taking it in capsule form, primarily because it isn’t absorbed into the body as quickly as I would like and I don't love taking pills.

That's why at Vimco Wellness we created a better and more delicious alternative. Vimco Wellness Insta Relief. Your Secret Weapon for Feeling Good.

The main reason I drink my Insta Relief before bed is because I love a great night of sleep more than most things on this planet! Studies have shown that toxins in the body can cause inflammation in your brain. When there is inflammation in your brain, it then makes it harder for you to fall asleep. This cycle will repeat itself night after night and cause you to have trouble falling asleep and ultimately leave you feeling tired when you wake up. If you have ever felt like you are in a slump or tired all the time, it may be due to an inflammation overload.

One source of these inflammatory toxins is bad gut bacteria. A recent study stated that the Western Diet is the common cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. What this means is that the foods we eat are crucial to the amount of inflammation in our body. If you eat the typical American Diet, you are susceptible to poor gut bacteria and inflammation. The activated charcoal in Insta Relief acts as a vacuum in your digestive tract by absorbing these toxins before they can make their way into your body. This in turn protects your brain from potential inflammation. With less inflammation in your brain, the better you will sleep!

This is a sleep hack that we have been loving. Instead of reaching for that second glass of wine, try reaching for crisp and refreshing Insta Relief. Your body will thank you.


Reed - Founder at Vimco Wellness


Jan 19, 2021 • Posted by B.D.

What time do u take the charcoal? Is it ok to take nightly? Seems it needs to be at least 1 hr away from all supplements.
I have gastro problems and it does help but still am faced with same problems every morning

Jan 19, 2021 • Posted by Bat

I have constant headaches especially at night, can charcoal or clay help me on this?

Jan 19, 2021 • Posted by Bonnye Tlamelo Lejage

Good morning
Is it possible to order from Botswana, or I can be your sole supplier from my end.
I think this can be a of great benefit to the employees who study part-time, the hardworking students, management staff who work overtime

Feb 05, 2020 • Posted by Shelby Quilliam

Yes! I absolutely notice a huge difference with inflammation. No joint stiffness. I also suffer from skin rashes from inflammation. Obviously, I have sensitivity to certain foods or chemicals. I am border line on my blood sugar and this charcoal lemonade really helps. I believe it is because sugar is a toxin to my particular body. Vimco seems to be a winner in calming these ailments for me!

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