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Our goal is to make health just a little bit easier. Because sometimes, it can seem really complicated. 

We've taken the drinks you love and have given them a boost. You can drink regular lemonade, or you can drink our lemonade and fight inflammation, boost your immune system and crush your to-do list!

That one daily ritual will lead to benefits that really add up.

See, it's not that complicated after all. 

This is Reed and Laurel (pictured above), they are the original husband and wife founders of Vimco Wellness. 


This is Shane and Melody.  We are husband and wife proprietors of Vimco Wellness.

We love adventure, working out together and time with family, especially time with our granddaughter.  We are passionate about connecting with people to encourage overall spiritual, mental and physical health & wellness.  We want to be part of your wellness adventure too! 

Cheers to living well,

Shane & Melody