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What are Probiotics: Simplified

Probiotics are everywhere. They’re popping up in everything from instant beverages to coffee to condiments. More than likely, you’ve heard about them, but do you really know what they are? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Our bodies contain bacteria of all forms. Don’t fret...some bacteria can be good for us! The bacteria in our bodies are generally classified as good bacteria and bad bacteria. When you get an infection, that means there is more bad bacteria in your system. The goal is to promote the growth of good bacteria to destroy the bad bacteria and restore order in the body.

Probiotics are made up of living good bacteria. They help fight off the bad bacteria and keep you healthy. The more balanced your bacteria are the better. The goal of probiotic supplements is to supply the body with the necessary good bacteria to help maintain balance in the gut and avoid infection and illness.

Three Quick Takeaways:

  1. Our body is made up of good and bad bacteria.
  2. Probiotics are living “good” bacteria.
  3. Probiotics may help increase the good bacteria in your body to help fight off infection and illness.

Looking for a simple way to add probiotics to your daily routine? Try Vimco Wellness’s delicious Probiotic Lemonade. One lemonade a day keeps the bad bacteria at bay :)



5 Ways to Crush "Work From Home" Life

Working from home.

Some people are loving it...and some people are going nuts!

Here are 5 ways to make sure you are thriving at home:

1. Play uplifting music in the background

  • This can bring the "coffee shop" vibe straight to your house.
  • Negative energy is easy to come by these days. Getting a song with a positive message stuck in your head will improve your attitude throughout your day.

2. Move your body

  • Have you heard of Peloton? Did you know that they offer more than cycling and treadmill workouts? They are offering a FREE 90 Day Trial of their app right now.
  • We started using the app and love it! It's like having your own personal trainer at your house. Oh, and they have new classes on the daily!
  • Here is the link:

3. Find a new favorite podcast

  • Here is what we are listening to: How I Built This with Guy Raz
  • This podcast not only shows you how some of your favorite businesses were built, but it gives you a behind the scenes look.
  • It is great for this moment in time because you hear amazing stories of adversity and the triumph that follows. If you haven't listened to this, it is a must!
  • Available on the podcast app, Spotify and at this link:

4. Walk outside

  • This is by far easiest way to improve your day.
  • 30 minutes walking outside can improve your mood instantly and also improve your focus when you get back settled into your work.
  • We would suggest to look around, observe your surroundings and use this time to think. Music and phone calls can wait.

5. Dive into a new hobby

  • Free time is running more rampant than ever before. Let's use it!
  • Some our family just planted a salsa garden and they are growing everything you need to make beautiful fresh salsa. Count us in!
  • We just learned a new card game that is bringing out our competitive spirit.
  • A friend we know is making rap beats on their computer.
  • I am sure there is something that you have always been interested in, but haven't had the time. Now is the time :)



The Vimco Team

Why you should be consuming activated charcoal before bed

As activated charcoal makes a name for itself in the health and wellness space, you may be unsure about when and how to incorporate it into your day. I personally do not like taking it in capsule form, primarily because it isn’t absorbed into the body as quickly as I would like and I don't love taking pills.

That is why my wife and I created a better and more delicious alternative. Vimco Wellness Instant Charcoal Lemonade. All the benefits combined into a classic glass of refreshing lemonade!

The main reason I drink my charcoal before bed is because I love a great night of sleep more than most things on this planet! Studies have shown that toxins in the body can cause inflammation in your brain. When there is inflammation in your brain, it then makes it harder for you to fall asleep. This cycle will repeat itself night after night and cause you to have trouble falling asleep and ultimately leave you feeling tired when you wake up. If you have ever felt like you are in a slump or tired all the time, it may be due to an inflammation overload.

One source of these inflammatory toxins is bad gut bacteria. A recent study stated that the Western Diet is the common cause of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. What this means is that the foods we eat are crucial to the amount of inflammation in our body. If you eat the typical American Diet, you are susceptible to poor gut bacteria and inflammation. Activated Charcoal acts as a vacuum in your digestive tract by absorbing these toxins before they can make their way into your body. This in turn protects your brain from potential inflammation. With less inflammation in your brain, the better you will sleep!

This is a sleep hack that we have been loving and we treat our Vimco Wellness Charcoal Lemonade as dessert! Instead of reaching for that second glass of wine, try reaching for crisp and refreshing Charcoal Lemonade. Your body will thank you.

Cheers to delicious lemonade, eliminating toxins and better sleep!