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charcoal lemonade

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Focus Lemonade will be your new secret weapon! Peak mental performance awaits.

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It's time to nurture your gut. Probiotic Lemonade will supercharge your immune system and improve digestion.

A little birdie told us...

Delicious flavor and gives me (and now my husband) the little boost I need at the beginning of the day.

I literally look forward to drinking it everyday. It gives me energy without the crash, plus the taste is amazing!

So yummy! It's convenient & good for you!!

It is so smooth with a hint of sweetness to make it my perfect morning beverage!!!

Vimco, this product is amazing. I love that you've made this product so easy to use. Heat up water and mix with the contents of the package. It doesn't get better than that. It also tastes great!

The Vimco Difference

We've Been There Too

It feels good to feel good! We both overcame autoimmune disease by boosting our health and de-stressing. This is why we created no stress and no mess products with huge health benefits. They just work.

We Use Our Products!

We had been using these blends years before we started this business. After realizing they made us look and feel amazing, we decided to share them with the world! We use our products daily and will never put out a product that we wouldn't use ourselves.

Our Values

Our business goes beyond ourselves. For each bag purchased, we donate a meal to a child in need. FMSC is an organization that we have worked with in the states and overseas. Their impact is incredible and we are proud to partner with them.