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Need a new nightcap? Meet Activated Charcoal.

Need a new nightcap? Meet Activated Charcoal.

Do you ever wake up feeling a little hazy after a long night?

Maybe instead of wanting coffee, you're needing it!?

We've all been there.

Instead of that last extra glass of wine...try a glass of Insta Relief to ensure you're feeling great in the morning.

Here's why.

Alcohol contains toxins. Toxins cause inflammation in the body when absorbed. Inflammation can cause headaches, brain fog and lower energy levels. The charcoal in Insta Releif helps to bind to these toxins before they are absorbed and takes them throughout the digestive system. When you absorb less toxins from alcohol, you will feel much better in the morning.

Added bonus: Alcohol is dehydrating in nature. If you've been eating salty food in combination with alcohol you are setting yourself up to feel dehydrated. This increases the negative effects of headaches, brain fog and low energy. By adding a big glass of Insta Relief to the end of your night you'll be adding some much needed hydration. your body will thank you!

Adding Insta Relief to your nightly routine is a great idea no matter the occasion, but after a night if "indulging" it can be a life saver. Make sure to swap out your night cap with something that will leave you feeling great in the morning!

Pro tip: Insta Relief is delicious cold and hot! Make it iced for a bright refreshing drink or with hot water for a warming lemon detox tea :)

Cheers to feeling better in the morning.

What are Probiotics: Simplified

Probiotics are everywhere. They’re popping up in everything from instant beverages to coffee to condiments. More than likely, you’ve heard about them, but do you really know what they are? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

Our bodies contain bacteria of all forms. Don’t fret...some bacteria can be good for us! The bacteria in our bodies are generally classified as good bacteria and bad bacteria. When you get an infection, that means there is more bad bacteria in your system. The goal is to promote the growth of good bacteria to destroy the bad bacteria and restore order in the body.

Probiotics are made up of living good bacteria. They help fight off the bad bacteria and keep you healthy. The more balanced your bacteria are the better. The goal of probiotic supplements is to supply the body with the necessary good bacteria to help maintain balance in the gut and avoid infection and illness.

Three Quick Takeaways:

  1. Our body is made up of good and bad bacteria.
  2. Probiotics are living “good” bacteria.
  3. Probiotics may help increase the good bacteria in your body to help fight off infection and illness.

Looking for a simple way to add probiotics to your daily routine? Try Vimco Wellness Optimal Immune. One Optimal Immune™ a day keeps the bad bacteria at bay :)