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Focus Lemonade (20 servings)

Focus Lemonade (20 servings)

Focus Lemonade (20 servings)



Lasting Energy and Laser Focus in an instant with Peach Mango Focus Lemonade!

Each of these focus enhancing ingredients are powerhouses on their own, and now you can utilize their powers together to improve focus and lasting energy more than ever before!


Serving Scoop Included


With a sustained caffeine release over 2-3 hours, you won't experience a spike followed by jitters. No one likes that. Instead, you will experience sustained energy and focus that will allow you to crush anything that the day brings your way. Our founder Reed loves it because it makes him feel like the world slows down around him and he can truly focus on doing great work.


Coffee Fruit Extract: The coffee fruit extract we use is clinically backed to increase levels of BDNF in the brain which are key to learning, memory and higher thinking. Hone in and increase brain power with this powerhouse.

CoffeeBerry Energy: Reap the benefits of 100mg of energizing caffeine in your lemonade. That is equivalent to 1.5 cups of coffee! CoffeeBerry is an efficient and cleaner way to consume caffeine throughout your day. It is highly concentrated and gives you that BOOST that you are looking for. 

Suntheanine: Enjoy the purest form of L-theanine on the market! L-theanine is an amino acid that gives you a calm sense of alertness. Our L-theanine is clinically backed to improve focus, attention, clarity and promote a feeling of calm relaxation. No jitters, no problem.


Add water and you instantly have a delicious lemonade that
will take you to another level! Packed with clean caffeine and
amino acids, this lemonade is here to help you blast through
any obstacle you may face throughout your day. It’s go time. 

Tastes like a delicious glass of lemonade with a boost of caffeine to power you through your day!