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Collagen Coffee: Vanilla Maca

Collagen Coffee: Vanilla Maca

Collagen Coffee: Vanilla Maca



Vanilla and coffee will never go out of style...and this new blend will rev up more than just your brain!

We've amped up the flavor with pure vanilla bean from Madagascar and mood-boosting maca for a nostalgic cup that is packed with superfoods.


  • Diminishes wrinkles & improves skin elasticity for a more youthful look
  • Strengthens hair, nails, and teeth
  • Reduces joint pain and increases bone health
  • Repairs gut lining for improved digestion
  • Boosts metabolism and the production of lean muscle mass
  • Helps to get rid of stubborn cellulite


  • 100% organic fair-trade coffee
  • Freeze dried for a smooth, balanced and robust flavor
  • Increases metabolism and focus
  • Good source of antioxidants


  • supports sexual health and balanced hormone levels
  • enhances energy and memory
  • boosts mood
  • improves libido


  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • reduces inflammation
  • soothes anxiety and stress
  • optimizes digestive function


  • Natural sweetener made exclusively from plants
  • Unlike sugar, stevia does not spike blood sugar levels
  • Helps prevent cavities and gingivitis