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Collagen Coffee Review

Vimco Wellness Success Story

I am 24 years old and played competitive soccer my entire life, up and through college. I had my first knee surgery when I was 14, and my second and third when I was 18. All three dealing with reconstructive ACL surgery. These surgeries caused me to have early arthritis and barely able to walk long distances without downing a couple of Advil. 

Before my injuries, I loved to just run miles and miles. I would run 6-7 miles every day after school. After I had my surgeries, I could barely run a mile without icing and taking Advil.

When I was playing college soccer, I took 4 Advil before and after every game just to get through, but I was still miserable.

I graduated college and tried to find everything possible to help heal and alleviate my arthritis, but nothing was working. 

Until I found y’all!

I won your giveaway back in the summer and I was so excited! I heard about the wonders of collagen and how it helped arthritis and joint health. I was a little skeptical but was willing to give it a try!

I’ve been using your products since July and I am back running again multiple miles a day without having to take Advil, icing my knees, and without taking days off!

Yesterday I ran 6 miles in a row! And I had no pain afterwards or today! The first time that happened since before my first knee surgery when I was 14! 

I wanted to thank you! I never thought I would run long distances again. But your coffee has honestly changed my life. Not only does it fuel me to deal my sweet kindergartners all day as a teacher, but it fuels me to live my life again, one I thought I’d never have back after having knee surgeries.

So, thank you for your company, your products, and your mission!

- Gabby

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