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Healthy Lemonade You Can Drink Every Day

We at Vimco Wellness are asked this question a lot.

Can we drink your lemonade every day!?

The short answer: YES!

Now for the "tad" longer answer...

We designed 3 of the 4 lemonades as daily drinkers. This meaning that we recommend you drink them daily so that you will receive the most benefits.

Here is a quick run down on each lemonade.

Probiotic Lemonade: "Daily Drinker"

Consistently consuming probiotics will help you stabilize and improve your gut bacteria over time. The key word here is consistence. It is highly recommended to make this a daily staple. Your digestive and immune systems will thank you!


Matcha Lemonade: "Daily Drinker"

As most of you are aware. Matcha is a wonderful thing! Not only will it provide you with lasting energy throughout your day, but there are no crashes or jitters involved. It is your perfect afternoon pick me up. It also has probiotics for gut and immune health for an added health boost!


Focus Lemonade: "Daily Drinker"

This is our most power packed lemonade. Whether you want to crush your "to-do" list, hyper focus on a task or just plain ol' feel on fire..this will get you there. Instead of an energy drink or second coffee, reach for some Peach Mango Focus Lemonade. Clean caffeine + brain boosting amino acids = your most productive self.


Charcoal Lemonade: "Drink When Needed"

This ultra popular lemonade has amazing benefits, but we do not classify it as an every day addition to your routine. Whether you are feeling bloated, maybe overindulged with some food and drink or looking for a better night of sleep..Charcoal Lemonade can be a big help. Although we believe in the power of this product, it can absorb certain medications and nutrients before they enter your body.

You need to be intentional with this product. Don't drink this after you have a healthy meal like a big salad or smoothie and don't drink within 2 hours of medications. This should be at the ready whenever you need it, but we don't recommend drinking it just to drink it. (Funny when a company doesn't recommend daily consumption of their best seller. We care about you more than selling more product.) We know that was long, but you hope that you are better informed!


If you made it to this point..thank you for reading! We appreciate you very much.

Now please excuse us. Time for some lemonade :)




The Vimco Team